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Anti-Ageing and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments - Microdermabrasion

With the benefit of our experience, we have brought together a unique Total Skin Rejuvenation Treatment which combines microdermabrasion, an ultrasonic deep skin delivery treatment and diode light therapy. A single treatment will instantly smooth, polish and refresh your skin. Regular treatments can help improve the visible signs of uneven and poor skin tone, revive and rejuvenate your complexion, even out pigmentation irregularities, improve fine lines, strengthen your natural collagen and soften your skin texture. Your skin will look younger and vibrant.

Our Vitamin C Signature Lift treatment nourishes and restores the skin back to its natural health. Vitamin C, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids and gentle, yet effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover lightening, brightening and tightening the skin. It is perfect for all skin types, including rosacea and sensitive and is a skin booster for bridal preparation.

asap’s non-invasive peels can significantly improve the appearance of skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles, irregular texture, dull and sallow skin, acne and pigmentation. asap skincare offer three specific professional peel treatments for various skin conditions:

  • asap lactic peel – is recommended for dry, mature and sensitive skin types in need of hydration
  • asap glycolic peel – helps to soften lines, wrinkles, hydrate the skin and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin
  • asap reveal peel – improves skin texture and restores a fresh, smooth and more youthful appearance to the skin

Our advanced medical skin needling system takes skin rejuvenation to a deeper level, stimulating the skin to repair and regenerate itself, resulting in firmer, smoother and more refined skin tone. Click here for more information on Medical Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Our No Needle Mesotherapy with Radio Frequency gets the living (middle) layer of the skin working most effectively. Electromagnetic waves or radio frequencies create channels through the cell wall, facilitating the delivery of highly active mesotheraphy solutions directly into the heart of the skin’s cells. These solutions correct, nourish and re-energise the cells resulting in healthier and tighter skin overall.


This is a non-invasive, non-surgical, safe and gentle procedure that deeply exfoliates and polishes the skin to stimulate new cell growth. This results in stimulating the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, rejuvenating dull, tired skin and brings lift and radiance to your complexion. It underpins the principles of healthy skincare.

At Skincare InsideOut we use a non-toxic and chemical free medical microdermabrasion system. It delivers a customised and effective, yet gentle exfoliation of the skin, with immediate results and with none of the redness usually associated with microdermabrasion. You can continue with the rest of your day uninterrupted.


Microdermabrasion enhances the skin’s ability to absorb treatment products. We take this a step further using Sonophoresis, which is a safe, non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasonic (soundwave) technology, to significantly increase the depth and rate at which selected antioxidant treatment products are delivered into the deeper layers of the skin.

Our Super Food Skin Booster is an additional extra that you can opt for at this stage if you want greater anti-ageing and skin tightening effects. A cocktail of pure active ingredients, containing no parabens, preservatives or chemicals and which are not tested on animals, are delivered into the skin to help prevent skin ageing, neutralise free radicals, strengthen skin elasticity and stimulate collagen synthesis, as well as soothe damaged and irritated skin.

Diode Light Therapy

Diode Light (LED) Therapy is based on NASA’s research that LED’s at certain wavelengths can increase new tissue growth, stimulate collagen and promote cellular repair and recovery.

Red light therapy is a safe, non-invasive, natural anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatment. It stimulates the skin at a deeper level and promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and helping the repair of damaged cells and capillaries. It is known as ‘nature’s wrinkle eraser’!

I have been having facials on a regular basis for many years now and whilst they are enjoyable and relaxing if I am honest I could not see much lasting improvement. Then I was introduced to Susan at Skincare InsideOut around 18 months ago. Wow what a difference. I have been having microdermabrasion treatments every month since. I can honestly say that I saw immediate lasting improvement, initially my skin felt and looked so much more healthy having a glow that I had only envied on others before. As I continued with treatments there was a noticeable reduction in the lines on my face. I had deep ‘laugh’ lines around my mouth and ridges on my forehead. The lines around my mouth have virtually disappeared and my forehead is much smoother. So if you want your skin to look its best for a special occasion or you want ongoing improvement and maintenance of your skin I suggest you have a consultation with Susan.

Jackie Smith

Anti-Ageing and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Our Skin Rejuvenation Treatments can help most skin conditions:

  • Treating acne scarring
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treating hyperpigmentation/age spots
  • Treating skin congestion
  • Improving poor skin tone and texture
  • Reducing open pores
  • Eliminating black heads and white heads
  • Treating Keratosis Pilaris
  • Treating mature stretch marks
  • Maintaining healthy skin!

Make up and the way my skin looked was something that was very important to me for our wedding day. I wanted to look natural yet have flawless skin all day long. Susan and the products used at Skincare InsideOut, really made this possible. In the lead up to the wedding, I had routine treatments of microdermabrasion and Vitamin C peels and each time Susan saw me, she catered my treatment to what my skin needed. This meant that even before make up, my skin was glowing on the morning of our wedding. I received many compliments about the makeup used and I didn’t touch it up at all during the day, which was fantastic!

Becky Cox

Skin Rejuvenation FAQ

I am getting married next year. When should I start my treatments and skincare regime to get the best results?

If you want healthy, radiant skin on your wedding day, we recommend that you commence a course of treatment supported by the recommended homecare regime at least 6 months in advance. This will bring a much improved skin tone and texture as well as a healthy glow and radiance to your skin. As your skin feels fresher and more balanced your make-up will go on more smoothly and evenly and you will need less of it too!

Contact us for a consultation

Is the treatment painful? What is the recovery time?


Most people describe the microdermabrasion process as therapeutic. The light treatment is pleasant and relaxing under a cool light.

We use high quality technology that delivers a gentle, yet effective treatment, with none of the redness and abrasion usually associated with microdermabrasion. You can continue with your day uninterrupted. When you leave, you will notice smoother, cleaner, more refreshed skin that glows!

Our skin rejuvenation treatment stimulates the dermal matrix, promotes detoxification and increases cellular regeneration which could lead to a minor breakout, dryness or tightness in the skin a few days after treatment. These effects are quite normal and are an indication of the effectiveness of the treatment and resolve themselves within a few days.

How often can I have a treatment? How soon will I see results?

Our skin rejuvenation treatments are ideal to revitalise your skin and even as a one-off treatment you can expect to see immediate results. To enhance and maintain a healthy skin condition, a treatment is recommended every 4 weeks.

If you are being treated for a particular skin condition, then a course of 6-12 treatments is recommended. It is the cumulative effect of these treatments, combined with consistent use of our recommended home skincare that will deliver the best results. This of course depends on each individual’s skin condition and will be assessed and discussed at your initial consultation.

I have been having microdermabrasion and red light therapy on my face and neck for over a year now and I am so pleased with the results! My main area of concern initially was my forehead, years of sun damage had left me with fairly deep frown lines and although they will never be erased completely they have been greatly reduced and I am not nearly so self conscious. My skin in general is clearer, plumper and softer.
At the age of 43 I really want my skin to be the best it can be without surgery! Susan has helped me to realise the importance of good skincare and protection. I have had lots of compliments recently on my skin from friends I've known for years and I have had no hesitation in telling them my secret!

Tara Goldsmith

What is the cost of a skin rejuvenation treatment?

Your first treatment includes a skincare consultation, a Total Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, followed by a mineral make-up consultation and application for the ladies, at our standard price of £80 (1 ½ hours)

  • Face and neck - £80 per treatment (1 hour)
  • Face, neck, décolleté - £105 per treatment – (1 ½ hours)
  • Should you opt for our Super Food Boosting Cocktail as part of your treatment, there will be an additional charge of £20.
  • Our Total skin Rejuvenation Treatment can be further enhanced with No Needle Mesotherapy with Radio Frequency and is priced at £140 per treatment – face and neck (1 ½ hours).

We offer a special rate for courses of 6 treatments, booked and paid for upfront. For more information, please contact us.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Susan Goodwin for approximately 10 months. She came highly recommended to me by my cousin who had regular treatments. I can honestly say that Susan is an expert in her field and is passionate about what she does. Her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious and my skin has never been in better condition. As a 42 year old woman with a very busy lifestyle, my skin looks and feels regenerated and glowing. The products that she sells are second to none. I would recommend Susan’s treatments to anyone.

Suzanne Bywater

How does a medical microdermabrasion compare with a standard microdermabrasion?

A medical microdermabrasion uses a powerful dual mechanism of exfoliation and adjustable vacuum stimulation, exfoliating the skin of dead cells from the skin’s surface, cleaning the pores from the inside out and stimulating local blood flow and collagen production. It is much stronger than a standard system, can treat a variety of conditions, including sun-damaged and ageing skin, acne scarring and stretch marks and guarantees better, longer-lasting results.

The system we use is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. It is free of abrasion, irritations and any discomfort, allowing you to benefit from a fully customizable, clean aesthetic procedure that is relaxing and most importantly delivers results from the first treatment.

Can I use make-up after my treatment? What after-care is required?

Yes. We recommend you apply only our skin-healthy mineral make-up immediately after your treatment and as part of your daily homecare programme. Our make-up ranges are suitable for acne, rosacea and sensitive and ageing skin, helping to heal and protect your skin all day long, providing excellent coverage as well. A make-up consultation and application is included as part of your initial consultation and treatment.

The use of broad spectrum (UVA+UVB) sunscreen is recommended daily post treatment and as part of your on-going homecare regime. We will recommend a programme of cosmeceutically graded skincare products that would be best suited to your individual skin’s needs and that are synergistic with your treatment.

I approached Skincare InsideOut because I was so fed up with my skin, it was making me feel very down. I had tried every acne treatment you could buy, all had left my skin irritated, dry and more spots! I went along to one of the open days. It was so nice to talk to people who had similar skin issues, except theirs had now been resolved! I booked a consultation and completely trusted in the treatment plan Susan had planned out for me. I changed all my skincare products over to ASAP and used only the BPC mineral makeup. I could already feel a difference after my first treatment, my skin felt softer. I continued using the products at home, immediately felt the products more soothing to my irritated spotty skin. Gradually after each session my skin just got better and better. The products are amazing at keeping my skin looking healthy and the makeup is light, easy to apply and covers any blemishes if they arise. Now I find I don’t need to cover up any! Susan has changed my skincare routine but also changed my life, I am more confident to show my face in public. Skincare InsideOut made sure I had beautiful skin on my wedding day. I would not use anything else on my skin! Thank you, Susan.

Jess Deacon

Who benefits from the Total Skin Rejuvenation Treatments?

Treatments are suitable for men and women of all skin types and ethnicity, conditions and age groups, as part of a healthy skincare routine. We combine microdermabrasion, sonopheresis and diode light treatment as standard practice to get the best results for skin rejuvenation.

Who are the skin rejuvenation treatments not suitable for?

Treatments are not suitable for you if:

  • You have active, weeping acne
  • You have been treated with Roaccutane for acne in the last 6 months
  • You have cold sores or active herpes simplex
  • You are suffering from impetigo
  • You have undiagnosed lesions
  • You have received recent radiation for cancer treatment to the treatment area
  • You have keloid scarring
  • Whilst pregnancy is not a contraindication for microdermabrasion, please advise us before your treatment if you are pregnant or likely to be pregnant, so we can tailor your treatment accordingly.

I contacted Susan after finding myself struggling with cyst type acne lumps and dryness. I had visited a Doctor, but was very sceptical of using harsh chemicals on my face. The dryness I was experiencing I called my ‘beard’ as it stretched along my jaw line and onto my cheeks at times, was sore to touch. The acne lumps were mainly around the lower part of my face, but were hard and painful.

I was willing to throw myself into anything that may help. I was recommended a visit by a friend. When I stepped through the door, Susan educated me on how the skin works, knowledge that I have now passed on to my friends! I was committed to the clear instructions and threw out all of the makeup I was using immediately with reassurance and hope.

I felt so much better instantly and within 6 months my skin was under control. I will never turn back. I wasn’t one to cake on makeup anyway, but now I don’t need to even think about it. I feel fresh and clean, with no scarring or pigmentation from the lumps I was experiencing. Susan and Jacey have lovingly cared for me over the years, especially in the lead up to my wedding!

I would recommend anyone to see Susan, no matter how young or old. With patience and perseverance, your skin will begin to thank you!

Bethany Darrington


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