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Medical Micro Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Medical Micro Needling is a natural skin rejuvenation approach and an effective anti-ageing treatment, helping to treat fine lines and wrinkles, minimise acne scar tissue and improve poor skin tone and texture. It builds up the connective tissue in the lower layers of the skin while keeping intact the outer, protective layers of the skin.

We use a cutting edge, modern and safe Skin Needling System (SNS) Meso Pen to achieve this. Micro-needles vertically pierce the skin (topical anaesthetic is applied) to cause minor dermal injury, which stimulates the body’s natural response to healing, inducing new collagen and elastin – two of the key building blocks of the skin - thereby preserving firmness and improving texture.

The optional use of a single needle cartridge in this SNS system enables us to treat fine lines and deeper wrinkles and acne scarring more precisely.

In addition to stimulating collagen growth, the micro-needling system creates channels into the skin, making an effective pathway for transporting products directly into the epidermis. Studies suggest that it can increase the effectiveness of topical treatments by several hundred per cent.

We take advantage of this, using our FUSION No Needle Mesotherapy with Radio Frequency system, which delivers a bespoke cocktail of highly active, pharmaceutically graded, sterile, chemical-free and preservative-free Mesotherapy solutions of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides into the skin at cellular level.

At Skincare InsideOut, we combine the above treatment with Red Light Therapy to further boost the clinical effects of skin repair.

Medical Micro Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a perfect adjunct to other aesthetic treatments.

Treatments are carried out by our trained nurse and certified practitioner Jacey Horwood-Palm.

before treatment

just after

1 day later

I have been going to Susan for a couple of years now for my microdermabrasions and thoroughly enjoying the treatments, the products and most importantly the difference to my skin! When Susan told me she would be starting to offer Collagen Induction Therapy I was immediately interested in trying it, especially after researching it online.
I wasn't too sure what to expect when I arrived for the treatment and Jacey spent a considerable amount of time taking me the through it in detail and explaining to me step by step what would happen. She explained what to expect my skin to be like immediately afterwards and also what I would need to do for the two days following the treatment. I felt completely at ease throughout the entire process and whilst it was slightly uncomfortable initially I didn't find it painful. Jacey was very considerate, constantly asking how I was feeling throughout the needling and checking I was comfortable.
Everything I had read online about this treatment suggests that results shouldn't be expected immediately but my skin felt instantly nourished and healthy (if not slightly red and tight - which calmed down within 24 hours). I had a little bit of tightness and dryness on days 3 and 4 but this didn't last and within 5 days my skin was fine. I am really pleased with the results already and have had a couple of comments on how great it looks! I think my face looks firmer, fresher and healthier already. I am 100% going back for more and would recommend this to anyone considering Collagen Induction Therapy.
Laura Henchoz

Collagen Induction FAQ

Why choose the SNS Meso Pen treatment over traditional dermal roller treatments?

The original dermal roller treatment produces a curved insertion into the skin (45 degree angle) whereas the SNS Meso Pen does so vertically (90 degree angle), producing improved collagen production, reduced treatment time and minimal downtime. The vertical penetration of the needle is extremely effective, especially when treating scar tissue. It reduces the chance of micro-scarring, which can happen as a result of the teardrop insertions of the dermal roller.

The SNS Meso Pen offers a multi-speed vibrating action for minimal discomfort and encourages better product absorption. The pen is easier to handle and is ideal for treating awkward areas around the eyes, nose and lip contours and delivering better results in those harder to reach areas than with the traditional dermal roller.

In addition, it is possible to adapt the depth of the micro-needles in the disposable tip throughout the treatment, to suit the area being treated. Areas that do not require collagen induction can be treated with transdermal needling and the infusion of the highly effective Mesotherapy solutions.

I have been having the micro-needling to treat my under eye puffiness. They were really annoying me as that was the first thing I saw every time when I looked in the mirror. I have completed a course of treatment and the results are fantastic. The puffiness is much less now and my skin is much brighter. I feel that my skin does not need a lot of make-up, as it looks more fresher and smoother now. I cannot recommend Susan and Jacey enough for their great service and how they both put you at ease, you know you are in safe hands.

Nutan Patel

Why choose Skincare InsideOut for Medical Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) treatment?

We use a combination of therapies in one treatment to deliver the best possible results for your skin:

  • Cutting edge technology in the SNS pen delivers a comfortable, precision controlled and safe micro needling treatment.
  • No Needle Mesotherapy with Radio Frequency further enhances the treatment, delivering highly active ingredients selected to treat each individual’s skin condition at a cellular level.
  • Red Light Therapy then helps boost healing, as well as continues to stimulate the body’s own natural rejuvenation processes.
  • The above combination gives you a premium and well-rounded treatment, promoting healthy, resilient skin that looks younger.

Who would NOT benefit from this treatment?

The SNS Meso Pen treatment is not recommended if:

  • You have a history of skin cancers, solar keratosis, warts and skin infections
  • You have active acne or oral herpes infections on the face
  • You have Impetigo lesions anywhere on the body
  • You have a history of keloid scarring
  • You have uncontrolled diabetes
  • You take Warfarin, heparin or other oral anticoagulants
  • You take Aspirin, Nurofen, Vit E or similar medication daily
  • You are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or high doses of corticosteroids
  • You are allergic to topical anaesthesia
  • You are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • You have had Botox and/or filler treatment within the last 2 weeks

We will assess your suitability for Collagen Induction Treatment once you have completed a questionnaire on your medical history at your initial consultation.

Are the treatments painful?

You should experience only minimal discomfort. A topical anaesthetic is applied 20 minutes prior to treatment to take away this sensation.

As a rugby player, my skin takes a battering week in/week out. If it's not mud and sand, it's literally blood,sweat and sometimes tears (some nasty injuries can actually reduce grown men to tears!). After having a treatment at Skincare InsideOut I really noticed a difference and saw a marked improvement in my skin generally. The treatment itself was fantastic, I actually fell asleep a few times! I would most certainly recommend it. Thanks again guys!!


How quickly will I see results? How many treatments will I need?

The speed of the results depends on the extent of the condition and the area being treated. A smoother, refreshed and more even tone can be visible within 3-5 days following treatment. However the process of boosting collagen and elastin in the dermis takes time and the improvements in the skin may become more noticeable 3-12 months after the initial course of treatment.

Most typically a course of 3-4 treatments, scheduled 6 weeks apart is recommended, with maintenance treatments once or twice a year thereafter. As each person’s condition and response to treatment is different, your needs will be assessed and your skincare consultant will advise on the best programme for you.

Used in conjunction with the correct professional skincare products at home, the SNS Meso Pen treatment can have a significant and long lasting effect on the appearance of the skin and offers minimal downtime and discomfort.

What should I expect post-treatment?

  • The areas treated will look pink, like sunburn, for 1 -2 days
  • The skin will feel tight in the treated areas for a few hours following the procedure
  • Your skin may feel dry and flaky for a few days post-treatment
  • You will need to keep the treated area scrupulously clean for at least 24 hours post treatment

More information on post treatment care will be given to you at your consultation.

After many years of neglecting my face I found myself the wrong side of 50 and becoming more and more conscious of the wrinkles. Fortunately, I met Susan and now my skin is looking and feeling a great deal better.

I have always enjoyed a very active and outdoors lifestyle, and with that never really had much time for, or interest in, makeup and skincare. What I didn’t appreciate was the ageing effect this could have on my face. Susan introduced me to a very simple skin care routine which I have fitted into my life and found easy to stick to. With this and a couple of Microdermabrasion treatments enjoyed, my skin was looking a lot clearer and fresher.

As another birthday arrived I decided it was now time to see if further improvements could be made to reduce the many wrinkles. I have now completed a course of Medical Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction) with Susan and Jacey and I have to say I am pleased with the results. Though I could not describe it as a relaxing and enjoyable treatment, Susan and Jacey go to a lot of effort to minimise any discomfort, and you do get to relax under a red healing lamp at the end. I will never be wrinkle free again but few at my age are. Looking at my face now I feel that I do look younger, many of the smaller wrinkles have faded and others have softened. I feel confident that I am in good hands at Skincare InsideOut.

Rachel Maltby

How do I look after my skin at home to get the best results?

To get the best results from your treatment we will advise you on a bespoke programme of cosmeceutical grade skincare, to use on an on-going daily basis at home. You will need to start using these products at least one month prior to your first SNS needling treatment, to prepare your skin as it is key to minimising post-treatment ‘down time’ and to maximise results.

We will also go through all the immediate post treatment protocols with you at your consultation.

We strongly advise the use of a daytime moisturiser with broad spectrum sunscreen (UVA and UVB) with a minimum SPF50 as part of your daily routine.

What is the cost of a Collagen Induction Therapy (SNS Meso Pen) Treatment?

A course of 3 treatments booked and paid for in advance is priced at £800 (face only).

Individual maintenance treatments are priced at £300 per treatment (face only).

We do offer treatment on the neck and décolleté. Please contact us for further information and pricing on these areas.


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