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Acne Treatment

I developed acne in my early teens and over a 10 year period I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on over the counter products, trialled several courses of antibiotics, persisted with a number of prescribed creams, and changed many aspects of my lifestyle / diet, all to no avail. I had unknowingly damaged my skin and made my acne worse through lack of knowledge and sheer desperation to find something that worked.

When Susan talked about changing my whole skincare and make up routine I was convinced she was just another sales person trying to make money out of me. But Susan's passion and empathy became apparent after our consultation and putting my trust in her knowledge is one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Susan educated me about what was causing the acne and why many of the products I had tried in the past hadn’t worked. The new routine took some getting used to and my skin definitely got worse before it got better but persistence paid off and gradually my skin started to clear. The most important thing is to stick to the routine and the products 100% and not to put anything else on your skin. It’s a big commitment but it’s definitely worth it!

My friends / family cannot believe the change they have seen over the past 6 months, not only in the appearance of my skin but also in the way it has affected my confidence and my personality. Before starting treatment, I had extremely low self-esteem and never left the house without applying a full face of heavy make-up. The acne affected every aspect of my life, but thanks to Susan I am now able to do so many things that I felt unable to do before.

I would recommend anyone to see Susan, no matter how young or old. With patience and perseverance, your skin will begin to thank you!

Helena Gibson

05 June 2017

02 July 2017

25 August 2017

23 September 2017

19 October 2017

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09 January 2018

17 March 2018

The principle cause of acne is the obstruction of the opening of the hair follicle, created by a combination of dead skin cells and oil. Despite the obstruction, the oil gland continues to produce oil, causing the blocked hair follicle to swell, or the oil gland to swell and rupture, releasing oil and dead skin cells into the deeper dermis. This leads to inflammation and infection, which causes the white top of the acne pustule.

In order to have clear skin, we have to deal with the drainage of the sebaceous gland and removal of the dead skin cells as well as treat any existing infection.

At Skincare InsideOut, we treat the root of the problem and use a three step approach, using non-toxic, naturally driven technologies to achieve a dramatic and rapid improvement in the acne condition, usually clearing the majority of lesions in 4 to 6 months.

    If appropriate, we use a non-toxic, chemical-free microdermabrasion to clear the dead skin cells and unblock the pores.
    Our acne targeted peels are another alternative for the deeper exfoliation of the outermost layer of skin. They treat acne from below the surface, clarifying, soothing and preventing skin impurities. We thoroughly assess and evaluate the suitability of peels for each client, as their programme progresses with us, as part of the combination therapy approach we apply for the treatment of acne.
    The blue light assists the clearance of the P.acnes bacteria from the sebaceous pores and the red light helps the skin to heal itself.
    Progressive treatments bring about a significant clearance of the acne as well as improvement in skin tone and texture.
    The products used in the clinic as well as the home care regimen that we will advise, are synergistic with your treatment. They help to keep the skin clear of a build up of dead cells. They also have the capacity to penetrate the sebum filled follicles, unclogging, reducing and refining pore size.

    This simple, effective and affordable skincare programme requires consistency and persistency. It will not get better within 1-2 weeks, but will get better within 5-6 months, provided you follow the programme as directed. Introducing other products might compromise results.

    We recommend only the use of our skin-friendly and healthy mineral make-up ranges. They offer excellent coverage and are free of chemicals, dyes and fragrances that can irritate already sensitive skin. They are without talc, mineral oil and other comedogenic ingredients that block pores and exacerbate the acne condition. They actually help to soothe, protect, nourish and help heal the skin and provide a flawless finish.

After a variety of failed lotions, scrubs and gels, I thought I may be doomed with bad skin forever. When I first heard about [Skincare] InsideOut, I thought the treatment plan sounded too good to be real………a series of treatments and some special products and my skin would be back to normal? It didn’t sound too different to everything else they advertise out there. But four months later and the difference is astounding! Not only has my bad, infected skin been cured, it has also improved my confidence. I no longer need to hide behind a mask of make-up!

Emily, age 16

I first came to Susan in October 2013. My skin had been suffering from serious breakouts for the past year, gradually getting worse. I noticed an improvement after the first treatment and after using all the recommended products. By the third treatment, there was a definite difference. Five months on, everyone comments on how good my skin looks and I am pleased to report “no more breakouts”.

Melanie Page

Unless someone has suffered from bad skin/acne themselves then they cannot understand the all-encompassing detrimental affect it has on your personality and mental health. In a world that has mostly accepted other body problems as something you shouldn’t be ashamed of, it is still not the case for acne. Beautiful, clear, glowing skin is revered and so when you have acne it feels as if the whole world looks at you as if you are dirty and disgusting. This is exactly how I felt for about 18 years. During my teenage years, I was actually very lucky and didn’t have bad skin; I thought I was one of the fortunate ones. However, when I got to about 21 that all changed and I developed horrible adult acne that caused hundreds of bumps all over my skin, along with very red inflamed spots with pustules. This continued for many years, all the way until I was 36. I tried everything over the years to get rid of it - goodness knows how many different washes and lotions, tablets and creams from the doctor, acid peels, homemade remedies, you name it I tried it, but although sometimes my skin got slightly better for a while, it would soon return to being bad again. It affected how I felt and acted massively. It was a constant source of worry and shame, but also of draining energy with having to think about what products I should or shouldn’t be using all the time.

I first got told about Susan about 5 years ago, but after trying soo many things before to try and get my skin better, I was sceptical about just how effective it would be, and as I live in Suffolk, I was unsure if I could fit it into my life and it be worth it. My cousin, who had very similar skin to me started seeing Susan at that time. 3 years later and I met up with her for the first time in ages and her skin was stunning - clear, smooth and glowing. During those 3 years, she had been using Susan’s products and having the treatments. Myself on the other hand had spent a fortune on I don’t know how many different products, with none of them working, and my skin looking just as bad as ever. I decided that enough was enough and to try Susan - oh how I wish I had done sooner!

Susan is extremely knowledgeable about skin and the different problems it can have, and she is very giving with this knowledge. Finally, you are getting told something that actually makes sense! As you will read from her site, you do have to give up all products that you are using and this may seem hard at first, but it totally makes sense - you have been using all these products and they are not working, so why carry on using them! If they worked then you wouldn’t be reading this website! It did not take long for my skin to start showing the benefits from all of Susan’s work, and if there were any issues then Susan would immediately help me.

My skin is now a constant source of surprise to me when I look in the mirror. I am just totally shocked by how clear it is. I keep waiting for it to fail, as everything else I tried before did, but it just keeps getting better instead. I have this amazing sense of relief for the first time in what feels like forever, where I don’t have to think about what products I should or shouldn’t be using - I can walk past beauty sections in shops, or magazine articles about skin, and just be confident that I already know and am using the answer - Susan!

If you are reading this and suffer from bad skin/acne then I promise you, you have finally found something that will actually work. Please do give Susan a try. I know you might be dubious, I know it might seem like a big sacrifice, but I promise you, it works, no question. I wish that someone had told me about her before, it would have saved me years of anxiety, depression, and insecurity. I cannot sing her praises highly enough (to the point I have actually started telling complete strangers who I see with bad skin all about her!) and I will forever be indebted to her for helping me finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

before treatment

after treatment

Louise Glass

I lived with acne or 10 years and tried many different lotions and potions (cheap, expensive and prescribed) and found that none really made any difference and in fact I needed to try something a little different. I started to research microdermabrasion and decided to give Susan a ring to ask her lots of questions to ensure it was safe and effective, as well as reading various testimonials from her previous clients. It sounded promising.

I wasn’t very enthusiastic about throwing away my trusty foundation that I had used for years, as I felt it was a mask for me; one in which I could safely hide behind in order to face the world. However, I was willing to try anything because my confidence and my patience were at an all-time low, as I was sick of the constant barrage of spots. I was pleasantly surprised with her range of mineral make up available and after practising, it looked really amazing and gave great coverage.

The treatments themselves are pain free and relaxing, and the actual results are that my complexion has never been so clear! I’m honestly so happy with the new me and never thought that I would have such results as I have done. It’s done amazing things for my confidence. Many thanks, Susan!



Lucie Jakeman

When I first started to develop spots I was about 12 or 13. What began as the occasional spot soon escalated, not helped by my picking and squeezing them in an attempt to erase the problem. At the age of 15, my mum marched me down to the doctors who advised me to go onto the pill and to start taking antibiotics and using a face wash that felt and also smelt like acid.

My skin felt dry and flaky and the spots did not disappear. For years I went through ups and downs with my skin, trying every single product out there, forever envious of others with flawless skin. I was so self-conscious of my skin, I would not go out anywhere, including the gym, without make-up!

I was introduced to Skincare InsideOut in July 2016. Susan educated me about my skin, what was causing the spots, how the products work and then the make-up that I could and couldn’t use. As soon as I started treatment, I decided to keep a photo diary of my entire journey to capture the difference in my skin, which I would love to share with you.

July 2016

July 2016

September 2016

September 2016

December 2016

December 2016

December 2016


Each month I have seen a progressive change in my skin, but it has been a bit of a rollercoaster too. Yes, I continued to have breakouts through the first 5 months and at times I debated whether this was another regime and set of products that were going to fail me. But the key was persistence and staying committed 100% to the products. The scarred and pinkish skin surrounding old spots has reduced and the congestion all over my face has all but gone, and I truly feel so much more confident.

I only use the products that Susan has recommended – 100%. I must admit that when I attended my initial consultation I felt nervous about changing my make-up and thought I would have to make a massive compromise. I was wrong. The make-up is beautiful to wear, quick to apply and offers great coverage. I can still contour with my bronzer and concealer bought from Susan and I believe it looks just as good as any other brand bought on the high street. I love using the skincare products, they smell delicious and leave my skin smooth and replenished. Best of all – they work.

My skin is now healthy and glowing and I’m ecstatic with the results I now have and it’s all thanks to Susan.

Lollie McBeath - January 2017

Going to Susan in June this year to find a solution to my long standing acne condition has literally turned my life around.

The first time I went to see her, I was nervous to say the least. I was apprehensive about changing my skincare products more than anything else. Thank goodness I did. Apart from my monthly treatment appointment, I love the skincare that she recommended to treat my acne condition and couldn't imagine using anything else now. The recommended make-up that I was most nervous of, is now part of my everyday routine. I’ve found my own perfect way of applying it and I’m totally in love with it! My skin has changed completely without the use of antibiotics and harsh products that I had tried using without success, over many years.

Six months on and I am over the moon with the difference in my skin without the use of medication. Susan explains everything step-by-step, helping you understand the whole recovery process, which is really interesting and helps you understand how to best look after your skin. Putting my trust in her knowledge and recommendations has really paid off for me. I just wish I has started sooner. It is the best money I’ve spent as I felt nothing would ever clear up my acne after 16 years of suffering and it finally has. Worth every penny!

June 2015

June 2015 with recommended make-up on.

November 2015 - no make-up!

Larissa Vasquez

Acne FAQ

What level of acne do you treat?

We treat mild to moderate levels of acne and our treatments and products are suitable for all skin types. It is best to treat this condition as soon as the first signs of congestion appear on the skin and before infection takes hold in the deeper dermis. It can often be treated with one or a few treatments and by using the right cosmeceutical grade products.

I have had troublesome acne for most of my life and in 2009 I had to be put on steroids for an eye problem, only making my skin worse. After trying every over-the-counter remedy or makeup solution out there I was recommended I go to Skincare InsideOut. In July 2013 I had my first microdermabrasion treatment and Susan selected the best skincare regime for me, which was less complicated than the one I had been using previously! After four months of treatments teamed with the products I saw a complete change in my complexion. I no longer had to worry about spending a long time putting on makeup to hide my spots or to feel anxious if I knew people were going to see me without makeup. I could even enjoy a summer holiday without fearing scary zits in the photos! I have now been attending Skincare InsideOut for a year and my complexion is unrecognisable. I even visited my old workplace recently and everyone said how great and fresh I looked! Susan genuinely cares for your skin and she sees each client as a personal challenge, I have complete trust in her knowledge. The products may seem expensive to begin with but they last a long time and do exactly what they are supposed to do unlike other products I have used in the past. If you are serious about changing your skin then invest in it, trust me, it’s worth it.

Hollie Slaughter

How long is the course of treatment?

This varies from one individual to the next, depending on the condition of the skin. If the acne is very mild, some can see a significant improvement after one or two treatments and can maintain a clearer skin condition by using the recommended cosmeceutical grade skincare products at home.

Acne that has been present for a long time and with persistent breakouts will need an ongoing course of monthly treatments for a minimum of 6 months, along with the recommended homecare products. Depending on the severity of the condition, it could take up to 12 months. Ongoing treatments and consistent use of our home skincare regime are recommended to help maintain clear skin.

Can you help acne scarring?

Yes! You might notice your skin gets smoother as you progress through your treatment programme. It is important however, to first get the acne under control before tackling the issue of scarring to get the best results. Even the most severe cases of acne scarring can be dramatically improved with the right treatment.

How quickly will I see results?

Using our combination treatment approach and targeted skincare regime, we see a rapid and dramatic improvement of the acne condition – usually clearing up the majority of lesions within 6 months. It is the cumulative effect of the treatments and products that will bring the best results.

Each case is different and we may adopt different protocols to treat the condition, but there is no doubt that is requires 100% commitment to treatment and homecare products suggested by us. It takes TIME and there is no instant fix!

I have been having regular treatments with Susan for several years now and having had bad skin in my twenties, I have never had an issue since using the correct products recommended by Skincare InsideOut. Because my skin has been so good since starting on a programme with them, there is much I now take for granted. However, when I might occasionally miss a treatment, my skin appears dull and I have the odd spot! Now in my forties, I don’t have many signs of ageing and put this down to the expert care I have thanks to Susan and Jacey.

Collette Saint

Can I wear make-up during my course of treatment?

Yes, our skin-healthy mineral make-up is non-comedogenic and is enriched with essential nutrients to replenish, protect and heal the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial and provides excellent coverage. It is perfect for use by acne sufferers.

Do I have to use your products?

Yes, it is essential. Our products  and make-up are specially formulated for acneic skin. They are non-comedogenic, and cosmeceutically graded and  support your treatment programme to bring about the best results.

I contacted Susan after being recommended to her by a friend about 2 years ago. I had suffered with eczema on my face with flare ups since I had reached my 30s and was struggling to manage that and stubborn spots. Since finding Susan and sticking with her skincare guidance, I have had no flare ups and my skin is the best it’s ever been - I can even bear to go without wearing make up! Thank you Susan for giving me confidence in my skin again and for being such a warm and caring lady!

Helen Etherington

What does acne treatment cost?

This depends on the condition of your skin and we can only assess this at your consultation.

The skincare products that are a requisite as part of your treatment programme are very reasonably priced, a little goes a long way and they are more affordable than many high street brands.

We suggest you contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Having suffered with problem, acne-prone skin for the best part of two years it’s fair to say I had tried the majority of lotions and potions available on the High Street. Despite their promises and expensive price tags it was to no avail, my skin only got worse!

However, in the summer of 2014 I was recommended I go along to Susan at Skincare InsideOut. It was from here that the transformation in my skin began. Along with an individualised treatment plan Susan educated me on how to best care for my skin at home, something of which I had never been made aware of before. It was Susan’s knowledge and genuine care for my complexion that struck me most, not once was I made to feel as though it was merely a sales pitch!

The products which she recommended for me have proven a day to day lifesaver! In combination with my monthly treatments, the products continue to give me that ‘post clinic-feeling’ for the remainder of the month. Despite having both a morning and night regime I’ve not once felt as though it’s a chore, rather something I look forward to given the smooth, radiant finish it gives my skin each time.

September 2014

September 2014

April 2015

April 2015

And as for the make-up, well I could never be without! Again, Susan is extremely knowledgeable of her products and always recommends what will best suit your individual needs, albeit she claims she is not a make-up artist! For me, the make-up provides what I can only describe as a professional finish, just enough coverage without looking too much. However, as I have progressed through my treatments, I have found I need less and less make-up, a direct result of the overall improvement in my complexion!

For me, there is no better place to combat your skins needs than at Skincare InsideOut. They have worked miracles on my skin, something that I am confident they can do for everyone. You no longer need to let problem or acne-prone skin affect you, rather book an appointment at Skincare InsideOut and just watch the transformation for yourself. I have not been this happy in my own skin since my pre-teens and I owe that only to Susan and Jacey!

Penny Northwood

After trying antibiotics, various skin creams and skincare routines for the last 10 years, I discovered Skincare InsideOut this summer, thanks to Google. I started treatment in August and immediately fell in love with the skincare and make up and have never been tempted to go back to anything I have used before. From the first treatment I could feel the difference in my skin. Every treatment afterwards my skin improved each time and now I don’t need to wear half as much make-up. True to what Susan advised, my skin has been transformed 4-5 months later and my confidence has grown significantly.

August 2015

August 2015

November 2015

February 2018

Sarah Twigg

A few years ago I was put on the contraceptive implant which caused havoc with my skin, with consistent acne outbreaks. I tried everything from off-the-shelf products, to visiting a beautician to consulting with my doctor, but nothing worked and my skin went from bad to worse. It wasn’t until my sister introduced me to Susan and I started having regular treatments that I saw some light at the end of the tunnel. I have been visiting Skincare InsideOut every 4 weeks for the last 9 months and the results are amazing. In this time, I have fallen pregnant and Susan has been able to adapt my treatment to suit my condition. The acne has completely cleared up and we are now working on clearing the scarring. I would recommend the treatment and using the products to anyone. I would say however, it is important to keep to the regular appointments and be patient. Now my skin is better I am not going to stop! I can see the importance of maintaining the treatments – not only does it prevent my acne from recurring, but there is the bonus of keeping my skin healthy and youthful too! The treatment I have had from Skincare InsideOut has changed my life, increased my confidence and my skin has never looked so good.

Hazel Slade (aged 33 yrs)

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